Our Councillors

Chair – Hannah Moss
TDC, Finance and Youth Council
Hannahmoss1@live.co.uk 07909440476

Vice-chair – Anne Holloway
Highways Hedges and Amenities
Anneholloway33@gmail.com 07813586765

Colin Booth
Planning, Manchester Airport Consultative Committee, Rajar Building and Police Liaison

David Swan
Footpaths and Community Meadow,

John Unterhalter

Heidi Gilks
Planning and Finance
heidigilks@btinternet.com 07770 588683

Sally Kendall
Village Pride, Transport, Airport, and Finance

Viv Pike
TDC, Rajar Building, Community Meadow

David Elves
Neighbourhood Plan, Rajar Building, Police Liaison and Finance

Joshua Gow
Newsletter/Website, Highways Hedges and Amenities, Neighbourhood Plan, Youth Council